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AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 18:10

Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 v2.1.4 Update (Mac OSX)

Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 v2.1.4 Update (Mac OSX) | 113.5 MB

AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 18:09
Clarion v2.1 Mac OS X 160906

Clarion v2.1 Mac OS X

Clarion v2.1 Mac OS X | 2 MB
Fine-tune your musical ear. A customizable quiz partner for interval ear training.

AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 16:04
Apple iMovie v10.1.2 (Mac OS X)

Apple iMovie v10.1.2 (Mac OS X) | 1.94 GB
With a beautiful, streamlined design, iMovie puts the focus on your video and lets you tell stories like never before. Browse your video library, share favorite moments, and create beautiful HD movies and Hollywood-style trailers. And with iCloud, you can enjoy them in iMovie Theater on all your devices.

AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 13:21
DAZ Studio Pro (Win/Mac OSX) + Extra Addons 160920

DAZ Studio Pro (Win/Mac OSX) + Extra Addons

DAZ Studio Pro (Win/Mac OSX) + Extra Addons | 665.7 MB | 796.54 MB | 465.58 MB

DAZ Studio is a feature rich 3D figure customization, posing, and animation tool that enables anyone to create stunning digital illustrations and animations. DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Simply select your subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork.

AuthorAuthor: LeeAndro | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 05:16
iFinance 4.1.6 Mac OS X

iFinance 4.1.6 | MacOSX | 24.7 MB

iFinance 4 allows you to keep track of your income and expenses in the most convenient and fastest way. By taking a quick look at its useful evaluations and charts, you'll immediately know what you spend money on and where your income comes from - optimizing your finances becomes a breeze! iFinance's automatic category assignment, keywords, budgets and analysis features will turn your bank account history into much more than a list of bare figures.
AuthorAuthor: LeeAndro | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 04:50
Image Exif Editor 4.5 Mac OS X

Image Exif Editor 4.5 | MacOSX | 7.5 MB

Image Exif Editor was designed to present as many details about how a photo was taken in a clear and easy to understand format with powerful EXIF metadata editing capabilities. It's the most powerful tool for handle the exif information in your favourite images.
AuthorAuthor: LeeAndro | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 04:45
Layouts for Keynote By Jumsoft 3.1 Mac OS X

Layouts for Keynote By Jumsoft 3.1 | MacOSX | 1.04 GB

Layouts for Keynote is a collection of 79 themes created for your unique slideshows by the Jumsoft design team. Outline your ideas, proposals, contracts, and solutions. Then, enhance them with stylish backgrounds, charts, diagrams, tables, and other data visualization elements to attain all you have been working for.
AuthorAuthor: LeeAndro | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 04:25
Polarr Photo Editor 3.2.6 Multilangual Mac OS X

Polarr Photo Editor 3.2.6 Multilangual | MacOSX | 50 MB

Polarr offers a set of advanced, AI-enabled face editing tools and global and local adjustments, as well as 100+ filters made by the world's best photographers.
AuthorAuthor: LeeAndro | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 02:56
Sketchode 1.3.0 Mac OS X

Sketchode 1.3.0 | MacOSX | 6 MB

Sketchode - graphical representation of a design project created in Sketch that helps you optimize mobile and desktop applications development.
AuthorAuthor: LeeAndro | DateDate: 3-12-2016, 02:42
PDF Compress Expert 3.0.0 Mac OS X

PDF Compress Expert 3.0.0 | MacOSX | 1.6 MB

PDF Compress for Mac is a Mac OS X utility for reducing the size of PDF files, which compresses PDF file size by optimizing the resolution and compression method of images, removing unused thumbnails and metadata, stripping dead-object and compressing other parts of PDF files. Just drop your file on the panel and it will quickly create a new, compressed PDF file suitable for sending via e-mail or posting on the Web.