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AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 23:48
CAMWorks 2018 SP0.1 (x64) Multilingual for SolidWorks
File size: 3.0 GB

CAMWorks, a parametric, solids-based CNC programming software system, brings in a revolutionary way to help machinists around the world program smarter and machine faster. CAMWorks significantly reduces programming time and removes the drudgery from CNC programming by using patented Feature Recognition technology in conjunction with full toolpath to solid-model associativity and knowledge-based machining.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 23:47
Cockos Reaper 5.70 x64 + Plugins
Cockos Reaper 5.70 x64 + Plugins | 13.64 GB
Digital Operational Audio Station (DAW),
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 23:43
Aurora HDR 2018 (x64)
Aurora HDR 2018 (x64) | 244 MB

The most advanced and complete high dynamic range photo editor ever created is coming soon to a PC near you. We've listened intently, and developed new Aurora HDR 2018 - a tool that will deliver an unrivaled HDR excellence whether your style is realistic or ultra-creative.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 23:24
Boris Continuum Complete 11.0.2 (x64) for OFX

Windows x64 | Languages: English | File Size: 206.53 MB

A plug-in collection for Adobe, Apple, Avid and OFX host applications, Continuum features range from Image Restoration, to Extruded Text, titling and 3D Objects, to Chromakey and Compositing, Particles, and Image Stabilization. Continuum serves NLE editors and Compositors alike with the newly integrated Masking and Planar Tracking Pixel Chooser powered by Academy Award-winning Mocha technology.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 22:35
Disk Sorter Ultimate 10.4.16 (x86/x64)
File Size: 19.12 MB

Disk Sorter Ultimate is a lightweight and straightforward file classification utility that helps people detect files on most types of drives, as well as manage them by various criteria in order to create more space on the disk. This application enables you to search through 500.000 files, having a storage capacity of 2TB. In order to start classifying, all you have to do is select a directory, drive or server and click the "Classify" button. You should know you can search for specific types of files, such as hidden or usual video, audio or image files, according to the modification date, creation time or user.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 22:22
Thinkbox Deadline (X64)

Thinkbox Deadline | 678.7 mb
Thinkbox Software Inc. has released an updated its flagship product, Deadline 10. This is the ninth revision release for Deadline 10.0. It fixes a few bugs that have been reported during the 10.0 release cycle and adds some minor improvements, including BYOL (Bring Your Own Licensing) for Redshift and V-Ray.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 21:26
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (x64) Portable
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (x64) Multilanguage Portable | 719 Mb

Create incredible photos anywhere with all-new Lightroom CC and 1 TB of cloud storage. Get powerful editing features on any device in a new, easy-to-use interface. Edit in full resolution and have both your original photos and edits backed up to the cloud. Organize your photos with searchable keywords that are automatically applied without the hassle of tagging. And easily share and showcase your photos in fun ways.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 20:32
ActivePresenter Professional Edition 7.1.0 (x64) Multilingual Portable
ActivePresenter Professional Edition 7.1.0 (x64) Multilingual Portable | 58.2 MB

ActivePresenter is a solution for creating screencast videos, handouts, manuals, documentation, and interactive training presentations. With the full-featured editor, ActivePresenter allows you to edit audio/video, tweak the look and feel of content, and define the branched scenarios easily and effectively. Supporting the latest web standard HTML5 and the ability to integrate with Learning Management Systems, the content created with ActivePresenter can be delivered virtually to any devices and platforms.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 19:43
Tableau Desktop Professional 10.5.0 Multilingual (x64) Portable
Tableau Desktop Professional 10.5.0 Multilingual (x64) Portable | 799 MB

Answer questions at the speed of thought with Tableau Desktop. Tableau Desktop Pro is a business intelligence tool that allows you to easily visualise, analyse and share large amounts of data. Visual analysis in a click - Powerful analytical tools-at your fingertips.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 14-02-2018, 19:34
SyncBreeze Ultimate 10.4.18 (x86/x64)
File Size: 16.7 MB

SyncBreeze Ultimate is a fast, powerful and reliable file synchronization solution for local disks, network shares, NAS storage devices and enterprise storage systems. Users are provided with multiple one-way and two-way file synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization, real-time file synchronization, bit-level file synchronization, multi-stream file synchronization, background file synchronization and much more.